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We are a dedicated team of highly trained, client-focused data experts, that strive to provide companies like yourselves with expert data analytic solutions.

DataSpark Assistance Team

Looking for a data team to assist you with your dashboards or reporting, but don't want the expensive overheads of hiring and training your own analyst? Maybe you'd like some ongoing maintenance or a priority service?

You're going to love the benefits of our assistance team.

Embedded Analytics

Are you looking to >emb/ed< your dashboard/reports into an application, portal or website to increase customer engagement? or to even white-label your own branding across your dashboards to create a more personalised look and feel?

Ask one of our Account Managers today about how you can kick start your Embedded Tableau Journey

Athena Dashboards

Are you an Athena Penelope user? Already have dashboards but are wanting them to be a little more unique and creatinve by adding a little flare?

DataSpark have designed some dashboards you're going to love!

Check out our Athena page for more information!

Tableau Trial

If you haven't already checked out what Tableau is or what it's capable of, and want to know what all the fuss is about, then head over to our Embedded Analytics page. Feel free to interact with our dashboards while you're there.

If you know what you're after and would like to give Tableau a whirl, feel free to download your free trial today!


Are you looking to track your KPIs? Estimate your average shipping days? or find out what product sells the most and in what area? Then look no further and check out our Sales Explorer today!

Ask today for one of our Account Managers to give you a free Tableau Demo using sales data!

Contact Us

Are you ready to hop on board the DataSpark train and create some amazing capabilities within your organisation? Do you want to have a chat with one of our friendly Account Managers to point you in the right direction?


You can book an appointment using our friendly bot "Pip", or if you prefer human interaction, feel free to contact us using any of the methods below.

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