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Case Study

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Darren Smeath

Identify opportunities

for increasing efficiencies

& reducing risk

DataSpark Sales Explorer is driving performance, efficiency and innovation at Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Studios

Monitor business


in real time

Learned opportunities

for cross-selling

Identify opportunities

for increasing efficiencies

& reducing risk

When company CEO Darren Smeath approached DataSpark, he wanted a dashboard to monitor sales and marketing data.

He didn’t realise that he would end up with a system that revolutionised the performance of their sales and marketing teams and set them up for successful growth.


Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Studios (BAWS) is Queensland’s largest privately-owned chain of cosmetic clinics. Founded by CEO Darren Smeath, the business started with a single clinic seven years ago before expanding into five different clinics today.

Darren was previously responsible for business development at a pharmaceutical company heavily involved in the aesthetics industry, so he knew that the right data is essential to a healthy, growing business, however, he struggled to find a solution.

“With the first system, we were essentially driving the business blind. We knew what income was coming through, but we didn’t know how the income was being derived, what our segments were, and whether the main profitability was coming from different people or different treatments.”

But even once they moved to a better data capture system with Clarity and Tableau, their problem still wasn’t solved.

“With Tableau, we can get some really raw data but you pretty much have to be an analyst genius to be able to pull that data to know where to get it from and get it all together.”


“Insight at the push

of a button”

A solution impacting all areas of the business

With a better data capture system, Darren wanted a dashboard that would show meaningful metrics in real time – one that provided a deeper level of insight into sales results and valuable customer information.


“I wanted something where my team and I could get to work in the morning, open our respective dashboards and see all the sales and marketing performance information we needed to see at our fingertips.”

DataSpark Sales Explorer is powered by Tableau and includes pre-built dashboards and reporting to provide clients with business insight without them needing to build their own Tableau reports. It utilises the market leading capabilities of Tableau data visualisation while ensuring security of data.

DataSpark was able to give BAWS the solution they were looking for almost immediately, and it had an immediate impact on their marketing, management and therapist teams.


“I simply gave them the data needed and they made it happen very quickly. The initial dashboard we got from scratch was pretty much exactly what I wanted at the start. It was huge for our teams to be able to clearly see sales and customer metrics by the hour.”


However, it didn’t take the forward-thinking BAWS team long to realise they could further expand their data analysis capabilities with deeper insights and reporting in more areas of the business. With every additional request they made, DataSpark were able to deliver additional Tableau based reporting, enabling them to improve their performance across the board.

“DataSpark was able to give us whatever we asked for, every single time. We simply gave them the data and they just made it happen.”


The insights that Sales Explorer provided had an impact across numerous areas of the business – from homing in on sales development to better targeting marketing campaigns, to major efficiencies in orders and administration. The deep understanding BAWS now have of their customers will also direct their future growth.

“In a nutshell, we’re now driving the business knowing exactly what’s coming through the door, where our shortfalls are and where our wins are. It’s been a revolution for our business.”


Proactive, data-driven performance management

At Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Studios, business development comes from three areas: the marketing team, the therapists, and the managers responsible for training and developing the therapists.


DataSpark Sales Explorer powered by Tableau enabled these teams to not only track their real-time performance; it also showed them where they weren’t performing as expected and how to improve, whilst identifying additional opportunities to bring in sales.

Monitoring performance in real-time

As CEO, Darren gets huge confidence from the dashboard, which gives him daily metric updates and forecasting for each clinic.

“I’m now able to run the business by looking at a dashboard – I can see exactly where we are travelling for the month and forecast what we’re going to be doing before the end of the month based on our average sales.

If I see one of the clinics underperforming, straight away I can meet with the manager and find out why, and know that action is being taken. Whereas previously I wouldn’t know that clinic was underperforming until the following week.”


Pinpointing areas for improvement

Darren can also view metrics at any level of the business, which allows him and the management team to spot areas for improvement to make up the shortfall.


“I can see any metric I want, which means I can look across the business and see if my marketing is worthwhile based on the number of brand new clients coming through the clinic and number of clinic patients on the database.


I can also look at average spend and see whether it’s because the campaigns aren’t working as well as they should or if it’s that the therapists aren’t effectively upselling clients.”


Tracking and enhancing individual therapist development

Sales Explorer produces detailed metrics for each therapist’s sales performance, which allows the management team to hold them accountable and home in on areas for development. Using Tableau’s security capabilities, managers who have access to Sales Explorer are limited to only the information relevant to them.


“My management team uses the dashboard to see our top therapists right down to the ones who are underperforming. At the touch of a button, we can see what they’ve earned for the week and month, which clients they upsell or cross-sell, and how they compare to other therapists and clinics. Everyone is accountable because there is no hiding behind the data.


Each team is using the data to plan out their weeks and find opportunities. For instance, they can see the nurses had 30 clients last week but only ten converted back over to do dermal laser treatment. So there is an opportunity between patients to cross-sell.”

“I’m now able to run the business by looking at a dashboard – I can see exactly where we are travelling for the month and forecast what we’re going to be doing before the end of the month based on our average sales."


Shining a light on the most impactful marketing

DataSpark Sales Explorer transformed the way BAWS could target and segment their marketing, as well as their ability to measure the results. The marketing team began using the dashboard daily – developing their own patient journey funnel, which used questionnaires at each touchpoint and fed them through the system. By doing so, they were able to see and segment exactly who their clients were, how they were spending with BAWS, and their level of knowledge about BAWS’s services.

Revealing new demographics to target

The BAWS marketing team had always targeted their collateral to their largest demographic, which was 21 to 34-year-olds. But the Sales Explorer revealed to them that they also had a significant 50 to 60-year-old segment.


“Nine years ago the 50-60 age group was considered too old for our services, but women are now looking and feeling better about themselves at an older age. The Sales Explorer showed us that they are a growing demographic, so now we know to market to them.”

Fine-tuning messaging and promotions

Sales Explorer has also given BAWS invaluable insights that have enabled them to make their marketing more relevant.


“One example is that the insights showed us 60% of our new patients have never had anti-wrinkle before. So now rather than offering discounts for anti-wrinkle, we’ve changed our marketing to explain what anti-wrinkle treatments are so that our marketing is more effective.”

Measuring the results

Despite only having the Sales Explorer for two months, it has already had a major impact on the BAWS team’s ability to measure marketing campaigns.


“It’s been huge having a clear measurement of how each campaign performs. We are able to see what is working, what isn’t, and change things around in a way we never could before.”

“It’s been huge having a clear measurement of how each campaign performs. We are able to see what is working, what isn’t, and change things around in a way we never could before.”


Rapid improvement to efficiencies and risk management

The benefits of Sales Explorer have extended well beyond sales and marketing. It saves significant administration time and gives BAWS an up-to-date picture of their liabilities.


“Previously I would ask my team to do a full stock take, and from that spend another half day deriving needed to be ordered. With Sales Explorer, I now pull a report showing me what my stock levels are and what I need to purchase. I have now cut a half-day down to 20 minutes which is a huge help for me.

 Sales Explorer also gives me a report on the liabilities we have in the business from customers who have pre-paid but not used their treatments. I now do a report to see liabilities on individual therapists’ clients and a total liability for the business. This is very important for how we do our rostering and manage the business administration.”

Informing future growth

Looking to the future, the insights and segmentation provided by Sales Explorer will be a key factor in decisions for growth.


“A lot of growth goals come down to understanding our patients a lot better, and now we can actually run our business from patient insights shown on dashboards.


 For a start, we’re coming up with a new plan to get insights from customers at every touchpoint to make our marketing even more targeted.

And if we want to build more clinics, Sales Explorer would show us where to put the clinics based on the location of our clients.”

Darren’s investment in data analytics is paying off handsomely.


“Overall, the confidence is huge. I can look at my business now and see exactly where we are travelling for the month, and forecast what we’re going to be doing before the end of the month.


I’ve shown our dashboards to some big corporations and they’ve been blown away. Even the big corporates don’t have what we have.”

As it is based on the highly flexible and capable Tableau platform, DataSpark are able to extend Sales Explorer in the future to meet any new or evolving needs to keep enable BAWS to continue to understand business performance and make effective strategic decisions.


This case study was developed by and remains the property of DataSpark

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