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Sales Explorer

The Science Behind Selling



Do you sell multiple products and want to know which one is your best seller? Or perhaps you already know but struggle to easily access the information to tell you where it sells the most? 

Have you ever received unhappy customer feedback on delivery estimates but can't pinpoint exactly how long it takes to particular postcodes? 

Now wouldn't it be great to easily visualise all this information at the click of a button!?

DataSpark can build you a stunning but yet easy to read dashboard that can easily allow you to visualise the answers to all those questions.

Your data is a pot of gold that's sitting right within your systems. So have a chat to DataSpark today to learn more about how you can access that information and turn your data into insights! 

What does it do?

DataSpark has built a sales dashboard that not only allows you to easily and effectively visualise your sales data but also gives you the capability to drill down and investigate it further. You can see all things sales-related and we will design it exactly the way you want it. Interested to know if your team is meeting their KPI’s? or how about the ability to monitor your staff sales to formulate areas where training may be required? 


Not only can you get a really good look at what products are selling the most, but you can even see where they’re selling the most. Get the full know-how and investigate your sales right down to a postcode if you like! Estimate your shipping days or just generally find areas for improvement.


With our Sales Explorer dashboard, you’ll obtain access to those valuable insights that you wish you had years ago! 

Drill Down.

Sales staff are results-driven people. If they don't achieve a KPI they want to know why. Sales Explorer gives your team the freedom to drill down and explore the contributing factors for their results, answering their "why".

Give your staff the power to make better decisions in their strategies and exceed their targets.

Easy Reporting.

How many times do you see a result and wonder how it came to this conclusion? What caused this? You now have the power to drill down and explore your facts. Seamless reporting that reduces time spent on admin tasks and eliminates lengthy reports and presentations. You'll then have more time to be out there achieving your sales goals

Case Study

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 5.18.16 pm.png

Darren Smeath

CEO of Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle Solutions

The insights that Sales Explorer provided had an impact across numerous areas of the business – from homing in on sales development to better targeting marketing campaigns, to major efficiencies in orders and administration. The deep understanding BAWS now have of their customers will also direct their future growth.

Let's see it in action!

Check out our interactive fully customisable dashboard that shows some of the features that were explained above. 

I'm Interactive!

Sales Performance.

Track your sales performance with our Sales Explorer. From Sales by sub-category, average shipping days to YTD. Easily visualise, drill-down and interact with your data to find the answers you have been looking for with our Sales Explorer Dashboard. 

Custom Designs.

Like what you see but want some added features? Maybe you'd like to add predictions to your dashboards, track KPI's or Sales by postcode or even by Staff member? Whatever your needs are, as long as you have the data, we can make it happen. 

Check it out on Tableau Public

By having the ability to integrate with multiple data sources, Sales Explorer can connect to all your software applications and give you the results in one neat dashboard.

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 5.18.16 pm.png

Click Me.

Are you ready to explore the ample possibilities with your sales data sets? 

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