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A number of years ago, we realised that gaining access to insights from their data was a challenge many organisations struggled with. DataSpark Analytics was established at this time, when Business Intelligence was used only by the most innovative and market-leading businesses across the globe and most organisations lacked this capability. We then went on to share our knowledge of BI by helping our clients, big or small, to unlock the power of their company data, so they can become more agile, competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace. Use of BI is now becoming essential to survive and thrive in the current market.

Make the most of your data - start making more informed business decisions today with DataSpark.

What we do.

Our highly skilled team located in Adelaide works across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, offering our clients market-leading software and platforms complemented by a wealth of experience and expertise in cost-effective, value-oriented engagements.

We provide services to our customers to assist them along their BI journey. We offer many services to our clients, such as expert technical support, we build creative and innovative dashboards and reporting solutions too. We specialise in Tableau integrations & can assist with server installation and management.

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple: help organisations connect, analyse, visualise and share their data to make the best, most informed business decisions possible. Your success is our success and we aim to deliver only the best.

Our Toolbox.

First and foremost in our toolbox is Tableau. The world's leading visual analytics software since 2012. Tableau never fails to delight our clients and our own team in its amazing ability to make data fun to work with. 

Team Orientated.

Rather  than being a traditional service provider, we aim to partner with you and become an extension of your team which enables you to easily and cost-effectively gain the benefits of an in-house data analytics

Embedded Analytics.

Provide customers and partners with a powerful, self-service analytics solution that’s easy to customize, integrate, and deploy, getting you to market faster while you stay focused on your area of expertise

Our Capabilities.

- Business & Technology Strategies

- Development of Visualisations

- Data Integration

- Server Setup and maintenance

- & so much more

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