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Successful Data Projects, Guaranteed

We Build Experiences

DataSpark prides itself on customer experience. Born out of a desire to work with businesses to help them unlock the power of their company data so they can become more agile, competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace. We have come together to offer a diverse team of experienced and highly skilled professionals. We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your consumers.

Empowering your Data with Tableau

The world's leading visual analytics software since 2012. Tableau never fails to delight our clients and our own team in its amazing ability to make data fun to work with. DataSpark has many years of experience working with Tableau to provide

end-to-end support for our clients. 


The next generation of analytics: Smarter Analytics

So how does Smartsheet work alongside Tableau you might ask? Imagine you have a new product to launch...

Manage your new product launch project in Smartsheet. Have visibility into all dependencies to have clarity over whether you will launch on time - knowing that Smartsheet will automatically alert you if any of the tasks are at risk.

Next, analyse your customer data in Tableau to identify the customers that would be suited to your new product. Embed a Smartsheet form in your Tableau dashboard so that you can capture sales tasks such as targeted customer calls to pitch your new product. 

This is the world of Smarter Analytics. Visual insight into your business activity with Tableau, tightly coupled with the Smartsheet intuitive work management platform. Our Smarter Analytics customers wonder how they lived without it.

DataSpark has many years of experience working with easy to use software like Tableau. We are a talented and versatile team that all have their own unique set of skills. We pride ourselves on our innovation, exceeding customer expectations and providing new perspectives. Your goal is our goal.

We are a team of highly trained Data Consultants that are more than happy to transfer our expert knowledge to you to help build up your skills and capabilities. So whether you're looking for someone to do the job for you or if you require a little assistance to do it yourself. You can trust DataSpark to guide you along your journey. 

Contact us today to find out more about our unique DataSpark Assistance Team model. 

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