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Your Data Has a Story to Tell

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DataSpark prides itself on customer experience.

Born out of a desire to work with businesses to help them unlock the power of their proprietary data so they can become more agile, competitive and profitable in today’s marketplace. We have come together to offer a diverse team of experienced and highly skilled professionals. We are driven by creating experiences that deliver results for your business and for your customers.

  • Decades of experience in analytics
  • Leading Tableau Partner for 10 years
  • Hundreds of happy clients

Our mission is simple:

To help organisations connect, analyse, visualise and share their data to make the best, most informed business decisions possible. Your success is our success and we aim to deliver only the best.


Make the most of your data - start making more informed business decisions today with DataSpark.

AI Brain

Demystifying AI

AI has the power to revolutionise your business, but achieving success requires comprehensive team engagement, AI solution validation, and thorough data and risk assessment.

We understand the importance of a structured approach that prioritises people, business outcomes and processes over technology alone. We can guide you on how you can use AI to solve your business problems, the importance of starting small, mitigating risks and taking in ethical considerations, and how to build human-centric AI implementations using a business-focused methodology.


Advanced data visualisation capabilities

With decades of experience stemming from Tableau, the world's leading visual analytics software since 2012, our team are experts in data visualisation. Whether you use Tableau, PowerBI, or something else altogether, we're here to help.

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"DataSpark challenged our thinking, produced high-quality dashboards, were agile and easy to work with."

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Lisa Skovron
Managing Principal, Symmetra

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