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Across the region, thousands of businesses rely on Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to manage their accounting businesses.

For a busy business, there are some gaps in how XPM enables the team and jobs to be managed.

This is where Resource Management (RM) by Smartsheet fits in - providing management with the ability to schedule resource allocations, make hiring decisions, view detailed analytics and ensure that customer deadlines are always met.

DataSpark provides the integration services to ensure that XPM and RM work together to provide a streamlined management experience.


XPM and RM:
Better Together

Business Managers use a lot of technology to operate effectively - but sometimes too much effort needs to be invested to duplicate data between multiple systems and keep them up to date. DataSpark automates all of that data synchronisation work.

Save Time

Save time and money with an automated connector that moves your information between Xero Practice Manager and Resource Management by Smartsheet.

Effortlessly unify your resource management systems with your job management system, improving efficiency, accuracy and decision making.

Simple. Really.

The XPM to RM Connector by DataSpark is available in the cloud with no installation required.

DataSpark will handle all of the configuration, testing, and ongoing management of the integration for you.

Let me show you its Features!

  • XPM Clients added and updated in RM

  • XPM Jobs created in RM as Projects

  • XPM Partner Manager for a Project automatically becomes project owner in RM

  • Category information from XPM synchronised into RM projects

  • Schedule of project in XPM synchronised into RM projects (Start & End Dates)

  • Total Fee Budget from XPM synchronised into relevant RM project

  • Time Entries/Data from XPM synchronised into relevant RM project (time tracked on project level only, not task level)

  • Project Status (Open, closed, archived) in XPM synchronised into RM project.

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