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Visual Workplace Management encourages continuous improvement for individuals with a focus on organisational success.

What is Visual Workplace Management?

Our Visual Workplace Management dashboard allows you to visualise and monitor your employee activity, using your CRM, timesheets and payroll. From staff utilisation, activity trends or even leave liability. If you would like to know more about who your top performers are, where training might be needed or even where your staff are spending their hours, then VWM can most certainly assist you to easily find those answers.

You can even customise our prebuilt solution to easily suit your needs and if you like, you can grant access to particular managers to for their teams (if required) so you can seamlessly manage, asses and report back.

Drill Down.

Imagine having the ability to clearly understand where your staff might need training, or helping your managers to understand why your "cases" aren't closed or have no actions. VWM gives your managers the freedom to drill down and explore the contributing factors for their results, answering their "why".

Give your staff the power to make better decisions in their strategies and exceed their targets.

Easy Reporting.

How many times do you see a result and wonder how it came to this conclusion? What caused this? You now have the power to drill down and explore your facts. Seamless reporting that reduces time spent on admin tasks and eliminates lengthy reports and presentations. You'll then have more time to be out there achieving your sales goals

Who is it for?

Visual Workplace Management is for any service-based industry that bills out for time and wants to delve deeper into their staff activity. Imagine having a dashboard that showed you that you have the most amount of sick leave on a Thursday? or who your top performers are, or even allowing you to clearly see why 1 of your teams could be working more effectively than another.


Having Visual Workplace Management could allow you to see how many cases are raised per employee and what the current case status is, whether it be open, closed, cancelled or ongoing. Ensuring that you are getting the best value out of your staff and none of your clients are left behind.

The answers are sitting right at your fingertips and at a click of a button, you could visualise your data and produce the answers you've been struggling to find.

Results to expect

Our clients have found clarity in their staff performance through quick and easy reporting methods.
Create solutions for admin overload.png
Create solutions for admin overload
Delegate more efficiently.png
Delegate more efficiently
Hire and roster smartly
Improve Employee Morale.png
Improve employee morale
Identify gaps in time management.png
Identify gaps in time management
Identify Leave patterns.png
Identify leave patterns

Staff Performance.

Track your staff performance with our VWM. From Activity trend, leave liability to unrecorded flexitime. Easily visualise, drill-down and interact with your data to find the answers you have been looking for with our Visual Workplace Management Dashboard. 

Custom Reports.

Like what you see but want some added features? Maybe you'd like to add predictions to your dashboards, track KPI's or Sales by postcode or even by Staff member? Whatever your needs are, as long as you have the data, we can make it happen

Check it out on Tableau Public

By having the ability to integrate with multiple data sources, Visual Workplace Management can connect to all your software applications and give you the results in one neat dashboard.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 6.30.37 pm.png

Click Me.

Are you ready to explore the ample possibilities with your data sets? 

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