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Our mission is simple: help organisations connect, analyse, visualise and share their data to make the best, most informed business decisions possible.

Lindsay Whitbread, Technical Director DataSpark



Classroom Training

Comprehensive instructor-led training gets you up-to-speed quicker than ever. In-person, live virtual or on-site classes available to fit any schedule and skill level.

Whether you're learning the basics, strengthening your skills or looking to become an advanced Tableau expert. Classroom training has got you covered. 

Contact one of our Account Managers today about which course is the right fit for you.


New lessons are regularly added making eLearning your trusted resource to get the most up-to-date Tableau training content. Assessments help you evaluate where you are in your learning path and give you confidence in your skills. Role badges reward you for your learning achievements and provide a way to showcase your Tableau skills.

Plus you get to learn at your own pace! What could be more convenient than that?


Virtual Data Team

Looking for a data team to assist you with your dashboards or reporting, but don't want the expensive overheads of hiring and training your own analyst? Maybe you'd like some ongoing mentoring to guide you through your projects, or even just someone to be a phone call away.

You're going to love the benefits of our Virtual Data Team Model!


Already have some Tableau skills but would like some more guidance on advanced analytics?

Perhaps you prefer mentoring that is specific to your own data?

Or maybe you have ideas on what you would like to do with Tableau but just aren't sure how to get there? 

Whatever your requirements are, you can trust your Tableau certified experts to guide you on your journey.

Contact Us

Looking for something else? 

Would you like to have a chat with one of our friendly Account Managers to point you in the right direction?

You can book an appointment using our friendly bot "Pip", or if you prefer human interaction, feel free to contact us using any of the methods below.

Keen to find out more? 

Call us to chat

Drop us a line

Let's catch up for coffee

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