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Utilisation & Productivity Insight with Analytics

November 14, 2018

As pressure to improve productivity and transparency intensifies, so too does the benefit of utilising organisational data effectively. Today's not for profits collect and manage large amounts of valuable data - it's now easier than ever to convert that data into valuable business insights.

How can your organisation adapt to the changing framework of the not for profit sector while still providing outstanding service? Simple analytics may be the solution.

As a manager in the industry you'd like your staff to be doing the work they most enjoy. Whether that work is counselling, caring, nursing or other service based roles. In addition to seeing your staff engage in the work that’s most satisfying to them you’re managerial business acumen would also like to see employees time being utilised to it's best capacity. Gaining clarity over the work being done is always ideal so services can continue being provided and being billed in full scope. You have the ability, as a manager, to identify what your employees are working on. If staff are only billing out 44% of their time, the other 56% is most likely going to other activities. So, how can you identify what those activities are? In addition to this how can you improve employee morale, productivity and also to hire and roster accordingly.


With NDIS creating a consumer directed funding model the not for profit industry must adapt and be more effective at delivering services to clients. One area that absorbs services staff time is admin. Admin is a huge time and cost vampire in the not for profit sector, one that governance boards, management and staff would like to see minimised. Knowing how to identify the time vampires of your service staff has a flow-on effect where reallocating admin work to suitable staff members or investing in the right management software increases your organisations efficiency and means that patients and clients gain further benefit.




How can this be done? If your organisation exists in the 21st Century and is already supported by great rostering and booking systems then it's possible to quickly and easily gain such insight and clarity with a turn-key analytics solution.


Quick and simple dashboards can provide you and your team with insightful analytics that will improve your workforce’s capabilities. Once you know the secrets of how time is spent then you can address team development strategies with ease to increase billing time, improve team morale and passion for the services at hand.


Get in contact with the team at DataSpark for a chat about our AaaS solution.

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