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Engage your sales staff to improve their performance

Sales staff are results driven people. If they don't achieve a kpi they want to know why. Sales Explorer gives your team the freedom to drill down and explore the contributing factors for their results, answering their "why". Give your staff the power to move on and make better decisions in their strategies and exceed their targets.

By having the ability to integrate with multiple data sources, Sales Explorer can connect to all your software applications and give your the results in one neat dashboard.

Plug the gaps in your current reports

Explore the facts in your data

How many times do you see a result and wonder how it came to this conclusion? What caused this? You now have the power to drill down and explore your facts.

Reduced time on admin and eliminate lengthy reports and presentations. You'll then you have more time to be out there achieving your sales goals

Increase your selling time

Explore your sales results

Drill down, filter and develop insights

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If you're ready to start analysing your results from multiple sources, drilling down and making new discoveries in your data then feel free to start a free trial today. Click on the link below to download a free trail of Tableau Desktop and see if our team can make Sales Explorer will work for you.

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