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Sales Explorer Showcase


DataSpark's Sales Explorer makes businesses efficient, competitive and scalable through the use of class-leading business insights...

Arc Up. Be a Legend.

Insights Into Action. 

Drill Down. 

DataSpark has launched a performance management product called Sales Explorer. Utilising the very best in Tableau analytics we are able to harness an actionable visualisation of your sales data.  Not only can you get a really good look at what products are selling the most, but you can even see where they’re selling the most. Get the full know-how and investigate your sales right down to a postcode if you like!   With our Sales Explorer, you’ll obtain access to those valuable insights that you wish you had years ago! 

Visualise and drill down on Tableau insights, and investigate how changes in conditions, coupled with changes in management performance, will ultimately track profit.  You can see all things sales-related and we will design it exactly the way you want it. Is your team meeting their KPI’s? How do you monitor sales, training, marketing & operations?

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