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DataSpark ACE

Cloud Cost Estimator

DataSpark ACE (Advanced Cost Estimator) is a simple to use, yet sophisticated system to quickly provide an accurate estimate of the total cost of the Cloud based infrastructure services offered by major cloud providers such as AWS and Azure.

The key questions that DataSpark ACE is able to answer include:

  • What would my entire existing virtualised IT environment cost if it was running in the Cloud?

  • Which Cloud instance type is most suited to each of my virtual machines?

  • What would it cost me to use the Cloud as my disaster recovery site?

  • What would it cost if I moved a subset of my virtual machines into the Cloud?

  • Which cloud provider offers the lowest cost to host my virtual workload?

The cost estimation itself is presented as an interactive set of visual dashboards using the award-winning Tableau analytics reader. This interactive cost estimation modeller is able to be used to model the costs of different disaster recovery scenarios, backup policies, support options and even scenarios such as moving a subset of your overall workload into AWS or Azure. The highly visual dashboard pack includes:

  • Performance data summary

  • Compute resource utilisation

  • Cloud machine type instance matching for each virtual machine

  • Storage utilisation summary

  • Compute and Storage cost

  • Overall cost summary

An Excel spreadsheet with detailed information is also provided that can be used by decision-makers to undertake the additional analysis.

DataSpark ACE data processing is hosted within secured Amazon Web Services infrastructure.

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