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Identify opportunities

for increasing efficiencies

& reducing risk

DataSpark Sales Explorer is driving performance, efficiency and innovation at Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Studios

Monitor business


in real time

Learned opportunities

for cross-selling

Identify opportunities

for increasing efficiencies

& reducing risk

When company CEO Darren Smeath approached DataSpark, he wanted a dashboard to monitor sales and marketing data.

He didn’t realise that he would end up with a system that revolutionised the performance of their sales and marketing teams and set them up for successful growth.


Brisbane Anti-Wrinkle & Skin Studios (BAWS) is Queensland’s largest privately-owned chain of cosmetic clinics. Founded by CEO Darren Smeath, the business started with a single clinic seven years ago before expanding into five different clinics today.

Darren was previously responsible for business development at a pharmaceutical company heavily involved in the aesthetics industry, so he knew that the right data is essential to a healthy, growing business, however, he struggled to find a solution.

“With the first system, we were essentially driving the business blind. We knew what income was coming through, but we didn’t know how the income was being derived, what our segments were, and whether the main profitability was coming from different people or different treatments.”

But even once they moved to a better data capture system with Clarity and Tableau, their problem still wasn’t solved.

“With Tableau, we can get some really raw data but you pretty much have to be an analyst genius to be able to pull that data to know where to get it from and get it all together.”


“Insight at the push

of a button”

“In a nutshell, we’re now driving the business knowing exactly what’s coming through the door, where our shortfalls are and where our wins are. It’s been a revolution for our business.”


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