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Want to take your Penelope Dashboards to the next level?

Athena software makes an outstanding case management system, which is used globally called Penelope which is used by social service agencies and not-for-profit organisations globally. What could be better than that?

Well, the team at DataSpark have worked with a range of Penelope customers (not to mention a bit of help from Athena) to produce some amazing custom dashboards and reports.


In no time at all, DataSpark is able to create:

  • Automated annual reports and compliance reports

  • Funder-facing dashboards

  • Custom branding and terminology

  • Integration with timekeeping and finance systems

  • Consolidated reports across case data, finance data and payroll data

Interested? Have a look at some of our dashboards below! Alternatively, get in touch today to see how DataSpark can help save you time and provide new insights into your business.

Custom Dashboards.

DataSpark has designed amazing custom dashboards and reports using Penelope data. Our Visual Workplace Management Dashboard is one of our most popular dashboards that is used by many Penelope customers.

Have a look at our VWM dashboard below

Not For Profit.

Dataspark works with a range of not for profit charities and organisations. Due to this, we like to give back to our helping community by assisting our NFP Tableau clients with some attractive discounts. 


Contact us today to find out more. 

What is Penelope?

Athena relentlessly partners with health and social service agencies around the world to: achieve their missions and client service outcomes, meet evolving accountability reporting requirements, and deliver the best experience possible to their customers via the use of Athena’s highly acclaimed Penelope SaaS Technology platform supported by best practice insights, training, tools, and 24/7 support.


Whether you’re looking to reduce paperwork, increase staff efficiency, or streamline reporting, Penelope is the cloud-based case management software you’ve been looking for.

Optimise Operational Efficiency.

Penelope’s reliable, cloud-based interface can be accessed from anywhere, and its intuitive interface makes staff buy-in easy, leading to healthy client data. Ensure staff provide the best possible service to your clients with Penelope’s collaboration tools, alerts and reminders, and automated workflows.

Client Data Security.

The security of your data is Athena & DataSparks top priority. We are ISO certified, and Penelope is a secure, cloud-based solution with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Take advantage of Athena’s proven track record for data security, and stop worrying about data hosting, backups, and disaster recovery – we’ve got you covered!

Visual Workplace Management

Penelope Data with a DataSpark Feel - powered by Tableau 

I'm Interactive!


Customisable Reports.

Our Visual Workplace Management dashboard is highly customisable and can be modified to be both based on business or user requirements as well as business processes. 
You can modify the terminology used within the dashboards, adopt your corporate branding and more 

Organisation Success.

Our solution gives you the advantage of analysing workplace productivity and utilisation. VWM encourages continuous improvement for individuals with a focus on organisational success. You will find unique ways to analyse your staffs' performance against KPI targets or even work out Staff Activity trends.

DataSpark at Hunter Valley 

In November 2019 DataSpark attended Hunter Valley to meet with an array of Athena clients to assist them with their reporting requirements. Check out the video below for more information.

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